Record-breaking heat hits Northern Europe, with Milan experiencing its hottest day in over 260 years.

Italy faces a severe heat wave, causing various impacts. Greenhouse gas emissions contribute to intensifying heatwaves in Europe, the world's fastest-warming continent.

Other Southern European countries also grapple with extreme temperatures and wildfires due to climate change.

Milan records highest daily temperature in over 260 years, reaching 33°C.

Previous record of 32.7°C set in 2003; that year's heatwave led to 70,000+ fatalities across Europe.

Italian Alps also affected by unusual high temperatures.Climate change-induced heatwave expected to bring thunderstorms to Italy.

Europe experiences rapid warming, linked to greenhouse gas emissions.

Spain undergoes fourth heatwave, Greece battles wildfires amidst second heatwave in a month.

 Southern European nations face a series of hot, dry summers due to climate change.

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