Moscow has deployed an advanced intercontinental ballistic missile.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that this missile will deter Russia's enemies and make them reconsider their threats.

The information comes from the head of Russia's space agency.

Russia deploys the RS-28 Sarmat, a powerful intercontinental ballistic missile, on combat duty, enhancing its nuclear deterrent.

The Sarmat missile has an impressive range of 18,000 kilometers, precision to penetrate anti-missile defenses, and can carry 15 nuclear warheads simultaneously.

The United States sends $240 million worth of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine to aid in destroying Russian tanks, raising health and environmental concerns.

Depleted uranium is toxic and radioactive, posing risks like cancer and birth defects, and has been used by the U.S. in past conflicts.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is one of the deadliest since the Vietnam War, with over half a million lives lost and rising costs.

The missile boasts exceptional range, precision, and the capability to carry multiple nuclear warheads.

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