Polio Survivor: Polio Paul, also known as Paul Alexander, is a remarkable polio survivor who has lived with the effects of the disease for seven decades.

Iron Lung: An iron lung is a mechanical respirator that assists individuals with paralyzed or weakened respiratory muscles to breathe. Paul has been dependent on this life-saving device.

Polio Epidemic: Paul's story is a testament to the devastating polio epidemics that occurred in the 20th century before the development of the polio vaccine.

Longevity: Living in an iron lung for 70 years is an extraordinary feat, as these devices were once the primary means of life support for polio survivors with severe respiratory complications.

Advances in Medicine: Paul's case highlights advances in medical technology and care that have allowed individuals like him to live longer and more fulfilling lives.

Inspiration: His resilience and determination have inspired many and shed light on the ongoing efforts to eradicate polio globally through vaccination campaigns.

Awareness: Paul's story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of vaccinations in preventing debilitating diseases like polio and the need for continued public health efforts.

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