The "August curse" in Russia, historically marked by accidents, attacks, and war outbreaks, seems to have returned this year.

Ukrainian attacks have increased, impacting Moscow and causing Russians to experience the violence Ukraine has faced.

Russian fleets in the Black Sea face threats from Ukrainian naval drones, disrupting supply and trade routes.

Frequent Ukrainian drone attacks target official buildings, military sites, and residential premises.

Dissent in Russia is being suppressed, especially regarding criticism of the war in Ukraine.

Arson attacks against military recruitment offices in Russia have surged, with suggestions of coercion by Ukrainian agents.

A source claims that the Kremlin wants to hide growing discontent in society, linking it to the attacks.

An explosion in Sergiev Posad, Russia, caused significant damage and casualties, raising concerns about sabotage.

The blast affected numerous apartments, homes, cars, and resulted in injuries and fatalities.

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