The Echo Show 8 has undergone some exciting upgrades that make it a worthy addition to any smart home. While not flashy, these enhancements significantly improve its functionality and performance. 

The standout feature of the third-generation Echo Show 8 is undoubtedly the addition of widgets. 

These widgets transform the smart display into a highly efficient touchscreen controller, allowing users to access information quickly and effortlessly without relying solely on voice commands. 

Whether it’s checking your calendar, selecting a playlist, or controlling household lights, the Echo Show 8’s widgets provide a user-friendly interface that everyone in the household can utilize.  

Although widgets are also available on the second-generation Echo Show 8, the new model presents another compelling reason to consider an upgrade: its capabilities as a smart home hub. 

The latest Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s first fully fledged smart home hub, equipped with Zigbee and Thread border router functionality. 

Additionally, it serves as a Matter controller and Sidewalk hub, allowing users to connect and control a wide range of smart devices.  

From establishing a new smart home setup to expanding an existing one, the Echo Show 8 offers a seamless integration experience.  

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