Smartphones come with various features including water and dust resistance.

 During the rainy season, there is a risk of smartphones getting wet or falling into water.

If a smartphone falls in water, immediately take it out and switch it off. 

Remove the SIM and memory card, then shake and wipe the phone with a cotton cloth. 

Avoid using a hair dryer to remove water as it can cause damage to the phone's internal components.

Do not attempt to charge the phone or connect any devices to it. 

 Placing the phone in a bag of rice or exposing it to direct sunlight is not recommended as it may cause further damage. 

 If the phone does not work after trying these steps, take it to a service center for repair.

 If the phone remains non-functional, take it to a service center for repair. Gizbot Telugu website provides the latest news on gadgets and tech.

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