We’ve praised OM System for how rugged and portable the gear is many times over. OM cameras are ideal for travel and adventure pursuits, and not only do they have an extensive line of lenses and accessories but they also allow the user to leave the tripods and filters at home.

That is all thanks to what OM System does best. Computational photographic techniques. Features like Live ND mean that long exposure shots of flowing waterfalls don’t require ND filters. 

Nor do they even require a tripod thanks to class-leading IBIS systems and the magic of compiling multiple frames together into one.

 Similarly, Hand-Held High-Res mode can boost the effective megapixel count of some of its cameras up to 50.

 At the same time, a tripod is not necessary and objects moving in the frame can be corrected for during the compiling process.

Add on top of that Starry Sky AF and Live Bulb mode and you have a camera system that does so much for you without needing to drag around extra tools to do it.

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