DART Mission: On September 26, 2022, a spacecraft launched on a Falcon 9 rocket collided with asteroid Dimorphos, demonstrating asteroid deflection capability.

Dimorphos: A 570kg spacecraft targeted the 160m diameter moonlet orbiting asteroid Didymos, using autonomous navigation to hit its bullseye.

Impact Results: The collision shifted Dimorphos' orbit by 4.5%, a significant change in trajectory that could avert a potential Earth collision.

Planetary Defense: The mission provided vital data on asteroid collision effects, offering tools to protect Earth from catastrophic asteroid impacts.

DART Spacecraft: Designed for low-cost and efficiency, DART carried cameras, star trackers, propulsion systems, and communication tools.

Technological Challenges: The mission utilized ion thrusters and innovative solar array technology to navigate and power the spacecraft.

Collaborative Observations: Earth-based telescopes and satellites captured impact results, confirming the mission's success in altering Dimorphos' orbit.

Technological Strides: Pioneering ion thrusters and innovative solar arrays formed the backbone of DART's capabilities, accentuating our progress in space propulsion and energy harnessing.

As we continue to explore the cosmos and refine our techniques, the DART Mission's legacy will undoubtedly shape our approach to safeguarding our home planet from potential cosmic perils.

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