PM Narendra Modi urges global leaders ahead of the G20 Summit to prioritize climate change mitigation.

He emphasizes the importance of financing and technology transfer to support climate action in developing countries.

PM Modi suggests that democratizing climate action is key to gaining momentum in the fight against climate change.

He calls for aligning climate ambitions with concrete actions on finance and technology while fostering a constructive attitude.

PM Modi positions himself as a leader bridging the gap between developed and developing nations.

He highlights that many global South countries are at different stages of development, and climate action should complement their growth.

Many wealthy nations failed to fulfill their $100 billion yearly climate finance pledge to poorer nations by 2020, raising doubts about their commitment.

The G20 energy ministers' meeting in July did not yield a roadmap for reducing fossil fuel usage and made no mention of coal.

Countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia resist transitioning away from fossil fuels due to concerns about its impact on their economies.

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