Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, retired U.S. Navy commander David Fravor, and former intelligence officer David Grusch testify at a UFO hearing.

Three military veterans testified in a congressional hearing on UFOs, discussing recovered vessels, non-human biologics, and improved reporting processes.

The focus was on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), with calls for stigma removal and government oversight.

Former Air Force intelligence officer claims U.S. ran secret reverse engineering program on UFOs.Claims of recovered non-human "biologics" from alleged UFO crash sites.

Discussion on reporting UAPs, improving aviator reporting, and government program oversight. Whistleblower retired Maj. David Grusch reveals knowledge of UAP locations and secrecy.

 Public interest led to information sharing, including sightings of pedestrian origin. Pentagon denies existence of extraterrestrial material possession or reverse engineering programs.

Claims of retrieved "non-human" biological matter from UFO pilots. Testimony and evidence intentionally kept secret from Congress.

 Classified information discussed only in sensitive information facility (SCIF). Former Navy pilot recounts UAP encounter with unexplainable aircraft maneuvers.

 UAP remained stationary despite hurricane-force winds. Calls to support aviators reporting UAPs and address technological unexplainability.

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