US counterintelligence agencies issue warning to American space industry about foreign intelligence entities attempting to steal research and trade secrets for their own space programs.

US counterintelligence official anticipates growing threats to the US space industry, identifying China and Russia as leading foreign intelligence threats.

The FBI, NCSC, and AFOSI release a bulletin outlining the methods foreign entities use to gain access to the US space industry, including cyberattacks, joint ventures, acquisitions, and strategic investments.

Companies are warned to be vigilant against facility visit requests, information gathering at conferences, and individual employees being recruited through travel offers or consultancy work.

US authorities have long stated that Chinese hackers target US space knowledge, with instances of hacking into NASA centers and aerospace companies.

Notable case: Chinese national Tao Li sentenced for conspiring to illegally export military- and space-grade technology to China.

China claims peaceful space intentions, but US military officials view it as integral to their military strategy.

US warns that China aims to rival or surpass the US as a space leader by 2045.

Companies are advised to report concerns to FBI or AFOSI, track peculiar incidents, and establish insider threat programs for vetting individuals in sensitive positions.

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