The Quinault Indian Nation is facing severe flooding due to sea level rise on the Washington coast.

The tribe is receiving state and federal funding to relocate their village about a mile up the hill to escape flooding.

Quinault, along with two other Native American communities, received a $25 million grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior for climate-related relocation efforts.

The relocation process is a significant challenge and learning experience for both the tribe and federal agencies.

The $25 million grant is only a fraction of the estimated $450 million needed for infrastructure in the new village.

Ryan Hendricks is overseeing the construction of the new village, with hopes that all community members will eventually live there.

Many questions remain about how tribal members will afford new homes and the financial implications of relocation.

The relocation involves coordination with various agencies such as FEMA, Department of Transportation, and Department of Energy.

Funding sources include federal grants, private sector contributions, and potential state-provided grants.

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