WhatsApp banned over 74 lakh Indian users in response to grievances, account violations, and orders from the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC).

Between August 1 and 31, WhatsApp banned 7,420,748 Indian accounts, with 3,506,905 of them being proactive bans without user reports.

WhatsApp received 14,767 grievance reports and took action against 17 accounts based on these reports.

The platform employs a proactive approach to detect harmful behavior, operating at various stages in an account's life cycle.

WhatsApp has a team of experts in law enforcement, online safety, and technology to combat abuse.

Users are encouraged to be vigilant in spotting and reporting scams on WhatsApp.

Tips for spotting scam accounts include being cautious of fake job offers, suspicious giveaways, and unsolicited app downloads.

Users should ignore and block calls from unknown overseas numbers and avoid clicking random links from strangers.

WhatsApp in its crackdown on reported accounts, banned over 74 lakh Indian users from the platform.

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