Apple launches a new iPhone series annually due to high global demand for the product.

The latest release was the iPhone 15 series, launched during the Wonderlust event in September.

The anticipation for the new iPhone leads to customers queuing up online and at Apple stores when it goes on sale.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, addressed the reasons behind the annual release cycle in an interview with the Brut news agency.

Cook highlighted that the demand for a new iPhone each year is a positive sign for the company, indicating strong consumer interest.

Apple allows users to trade in their old iPhones for a new one, and Cook discussed the company's policy regarding these old devices.

Working old iPhones are refurbished and resold, while non-functioning ones are disassembled for parts, some of which are used in the production of new iPhones.

Apple's policy allows old iPhones to be traded in for new ones, with working phones being resold and non-working ones being recycled for new iPhone components.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, addressed the reasons behind the annual iPhone releases in an interview with Brut news agency

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