India's diaspora holds significant power due to its large size, global dispersion, and achievements in various fields, including business and politics.

This diaspora acts as a crucial bridge between India and Western nations, strengthening diplomatic ties.

India boasts the world's largest diaspora, with around 18 million migrants among the 280 million worldwide.

The Indian diaspora's influence spans across various sectors, including S&P 500 companies, where around 25 Indian-origin individuals lead, up from 11 a decade ago.

Indian diaspora members hold prominent positions in legislatures across Britain, the US, Australia, and Singapore.

India's vast population, English-speaking elite, and excellent higher education contribute to its potential as a talent exporter.

The Indian diaspora plays a vital role in maintaining strong ties between Western countries and India, particularly in challenging geopolitical times.

Prime Minister Modi's engagement with the diaspora during international trips underscores its importance in strengthening diplomatic relations.

The Indian diaspora continues to grow, and its collaboration with Western leaders remains pivotal for both sides.

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