More retail investors are trading penny stocks, leading to potential victimization of innocent traders.

Penny stocks are prone to fraud and have a history of large-scale scams.

Investment fraud lawyer Jacob Zamansky reports receiving calls from duped investors involved with penny stock operators.

The video covers the influence of ultra-low-priced stocks on new types of investors, high-stakes gamblers, risk-taking fraudsters, and increased enforcement actions.

The video is divided into chapters discussing introduction, stocks priced at $5 or less, scammers, and enforcement.

The production was done by Andrea Miller, with animation by Andrea Schmitz and Jason Reginato, supervised by Lindsey Jacobson.

The article explores the dangers and risks associated with penny stocks.

Investors can protect themselves by researching pitches, individuals, and companies, and conducting due diligence.

Investor education is crucial in navigating the risks associated with penny stocks and avoiding potential scams.

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