South Africa continues to grapple with deep-seated racial segregation, perpetuating stark disparities in living conditions, opportunities, and access to resources.

The enduring legacy of apartheid in South Africa manifests in the persistence of racial segregation.

A historical timeline reveals the roots of segregation dating back to colonial times.

The impact of mining and economic exploitation exacerbated racial inequality in the country.

Apartheid, a system of institutionalized segregation, officially governed South Africa from 1949 to 1994.

Urban planning under apartheid led to the enforced separation of racial groups in cities like Cape Town.

Post-apartheid efforts to rectify past injustices inadvertently reinforced spatial segregation.

Valuable city center land often falls victim to commercial development, while historically segregated areas remain untouched.

The lasting consequences of segregation and colonialism challenge the nation's quest for true unity.

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