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2020 will probably always be known as the year of Covid-19. The year when the world’s day-to-day activities juddered to a halt, when tourism stopped, when education paused, when whole countries locked down, when face masks, sanitizers and social distancing became the new normal for nationalities other than the Chinese and Japanese. The year when big, well-run businesses like TUI, Emirates, Cineworld and EWM saw their turnover decrease by more than 80%. The year when US Gross Domestic Product contracted by nearly 33% and America stopped being the world’s largest economy.  

This is a financial horror story that is currently running only as an undercurrent to a tsunami of reports on rising death tolls and infection rates. Overwhelming government incompetence and inadequacy, coupled with rising graphs of deaths and hospital admission rates are dominating the news throughout a year when the real story should have been the