Thursday, December 7
business conditions in Kenya | The Exchange

Business conditions in Kenya remained in a steep decline halfway through the final quarter of the year, according to the latest Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) by S&P Global.

This comes amid sizeable falls in output, new orders, and employment in November, as indicated by the PMI, which closely monitors market-moving economic indicators, covering more than 30 advanced and emerging economies worldwide.

Silicon Zanzibar | Zanzibar Tech Hub

Tanzania’s island of Zanzibar, once known for tourism, is now charting a new course toward becoming a powerhouse in technology and e-commerce. The recent launch of an electronic products shop in Zanzibar is not just a commercial opening; it symbolises the dawn of an ambitious era for the island’s investment sector.



As COP28 unfolds with its myriad discussions and commitments, a less visible but equally critical issue looms on another continent – the pervasive problem of greenwashing in Africa. From the corridors of corporate power to the burgeoning startup ecosystem, greenwashing emerges as a misleading marketing tactic and a significant barrier to genuine environmental and social progress in Africa.

In Africa’s corporate sector, greenwashing has become a strategic tool used by both corporations and governments to cover up environmentally detrimental practices. This issue is acutely critical in a continent where environmental conservation is not just a matter of policy but survival.

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