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  • Globally, it’s time to usher in an era of sustainable resource management, embrace green practices, or face the risk of extinction.
  • Achieving development without polluting our surroundings is not only vital for human well-being but is the bedrock of our very survival.
  • Fuel subsidies provided to oil companies by governments have perpetuated the use of polluting fuels, leading to staggering mortality figures.

The world’s pursuit of progress and development has come at a hefty price, as pollution and environmental degradation threaten our very existence. Clean air, land, and water – the fundamental pillars of life – are now under siege due to unchecked industrialization and unsustainable practices. The question looms: Can humanity continue to advance without imperiling its own survival?

Sustainable financing

The urgency of the situation is crystal clear. Achieving development without polluting our surroundings is not only vital for human well-being but is the bedrock of our very …

  • James Mwangi, Africa Climate Venture CEO and founder of Dalberge Investors says by 2030 the organization will eliminate one million tonnes of carbon per year.
  • The FSD Africa investments raised $1.078 million as a convertible loan to support the venture builder’s formalisation.
  • FSD Africa will grant $93,392 to support the development of premium carbon credit, marketing of portfolio and pipeline companies.

FSD Africa investments have raised $1.078 million in Africa Climate Ventures (ACV), a pioneering venture builder working at improving Africa’s climate change response and carbon ecosystem. ACV seeks to address challenges associates with rapid climate change, which are affecting small-scale farmers throughout Africa.

Africa has significantly improved its economic development over the past decade. Its digital transformation has improved multiple industries, including agriculture through agritech. With this newfound technology, many innovators have set out to represent the continent’s innovators to potential investors.

Africa Climate Ventures’ focus

They each seek

AAF, Kenya Red Cross partnership

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF) has announced another project partnership with the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) aimed at addressing climate change and food insecurity in the Dadaab Refuge Complex.

In a press statement sent to newsrooms on Thursday, May 6, 2021,  the private foundation committed to ending hunger through sustainable agricultural development noted that this was a second phase of a USD $125,000 project partnership with the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS).

According to the foundation, the project began this month, with the goal of restoring degraded land, strengthening refugees’ food security and income levels, and increasing production of diverse, nutritious foods.

Dadaab Refugee Complex

The Dadaab Refugee Complex falls within the expansive arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL) of Kenya, characterized by hot, dry weather and high rates of evapotranspiration interspersed with occasional flooding in poorly drained areas.

Climate change

Dramatic changes in weather patterns have caused prolonged drought …

2021 debt-to-GDP to reach 65% in emerging markets- IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects debt-to-GDP ratios to go up significantly to 65 per cent in emerging markets, 50 per cent in low-income countries and around 125 per cent in advanced economies.

This is according to IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, speaking during the World Bank’s annual meetings which were organized virtually.

“Today we face a new Bretton Woods moment. A pandemic that has already cost more than a million lives. An economic calamity that will make the world economy 4.4 per cent smaller this year and strip an estimated $11 trillion of output by next year. And untold human desperation in the face of huge disruption and rising poverty for the first time in decades. Once again, we face two massive tasks: to fight the crisis today—and build a better tomorrow,” she said.

Georgieva said that prudent macroeconomic policies and strong institutions are critical for growth, jobs and …

Roadmap to address Africa’s climate change & poverty-WB

The World Bank has unveiled a detailed roadmap aimed at helping countries in sub-Saharan Africa to address climate change and poverty.

The plan is titled the Next Generation Africa Climate Business Plan (NG-ACBP).

According to the World Bank’s plan, it urges countries to seize the opportunity to scale-up climate resilience to redouble efforts to increase energy access,  grow their economies and reduce poverty and take advantage of sustainable and innovative approaches to leapfrog into greener development pathways.

As part of the plan over the next six years, the World Bank will focus on five key areas namely clean energy, food security, green and resilient cities, environmental stability and climate shocks.

The bank aims to expand integrated landscape management over 60 million hectares in 20 countries, train 10 million farmers on climate-smart agricultural approaches, increase renewable energy generation capacity from 28GW to 38GW so as to increase access to clean electricity …