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  • Jumia will serve as the distributor of satellite terminals and connectivity kits for Starlink Ventures in Africa.
  • Jumia’s extensive reach throughout Africa enables it to pioneer in offering these kits.
  • E-commerce giant Jumia will initiate the sale of satellite terminals and related equipment in Nigeria.

In spite of the adverse effects of COVID-19 on Africa, the pandemic years became a significant turning point in the continent’s economic landscape. Over the course of just two years, Africa demonstrated its capabilities through its substantial growth in the realm of e-commerce. This surge in e-commerce activity underscores the immense potential that Africa holds, especially if it can bolster its Internet access infrastructure.

Notably, this potential has captured the attention of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. He has taken proactive measures to accelerate Africa’s journey toward asserting itself in the online landscape. In recent developments, Elon Musk’s satellite internet company, Starlink Ventures, has entered

Alice Munyua, Senior Director Mozilla Africa Mradi and Johnson Sakaja, Nairobi City County Governor during the MoU signing for their partnership to support tech-startups in Nairobi County.
  • The funding, Mozilla African Innovation Mradi, promotes ideas based on unique African user needs.
  • The program scouts for innovation that produce a meaningful impact on the African internet ecosystem.
  • Kenya is a leader in broadband connectivity, ICT infrastructure and is home to over 300 tech start-ups.

Kenyan tech start-ups are jostling for a pie of Mozilla’s $300,000 funding targeting projects solving unique user needs in Africa. The funding, a collaboration between Mozilla Africa Mradi and the Nairobi City County, will supporting tech-based firms in Kenya’s capital. 

Dubbed Mozilla African Innovation Mradi, the funding promotes innovation led by and grounded in tackling unique needs of users in Africa.

Africa Innovation Mradi leverages Mozilla’s role as stewards of the open web to promote innovation in African countries. 

The program establishes networks of partners and communities exploring and developing new projects and technologies. Winners will produce projects that offer meaningful impact on