Browsing: African Nations’ Push to Become Green Hydrogen Exporters

Green hydrogen
  • Globally, the hydrogen market exceeds $130 billion, and the World Bank is projecting an annual growth rate of over 9 per cent.
  • The rising global demand for clean energy is opening doors for African nations to establish themselves as green hydrogen exporters.
  • Across Africa, green hydrogen initiatives are taking root in Egypt, Niger, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, and Mauritania.

Green hydrogen, derived from a clean process of electrolysation, can potentially transform the energy landscape in developing nations. Unlike traditional hydrogen production methods, which rely on fossil fuels, green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

This innovation opens up new possibilities for decarbonisation and sustainable energy solutions. South Africa, Morocco, Mauritania, Namibia, Niger and Egypt are trailblazing the way for African economies, albeit with financing challenges. Recently, Kenya outlined its broad plan to tap into this industry, too.

Globally, the hydrogen market exceeds $130 billion, …