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Shelter Afrique’s Head of Policy, Research and Partnerships Dr. Muhammad Gambo. He says that urbanization could play a major role in economic and social progress, if well managed.

According to the report, Africa’s urbanization rate will continue to grow among the fastest of the world regions in the coming years as its population grows, which is expected to double by the year 2050.

“We urge policymakers across the continent to enact policies that will encourage urban growth modelled around economic development and poverty eradication,” Dr. Gambo said.

Dr. Gambo, however, noted that funding urban growth still remains a formidable challenge for many countries, but believes it’s achievable.…

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Africa is big! Africa is growing and is projected to be more populous than it is now. Estimates indicate that nearly 2.8 billion people will inhabit Africa by 2060, according to the World Bank.  

The high population could impact African countries depending on each respective country‘s reaction toward overpopulation and urbanization.  

A crucial factor in this is land. To be more specific, urbanization of African economic hotspots ought to be analyzed effectively, because Africa is not open to the world as it supposed to be. 

Not only that, but African cities are changing fast, and Africa requires a robust approach which is close to fool-proof to push the region towards sustainable development. 

In this case, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report on Africa’s Urbanisation Dynamics 2020 enlightens the perspective quite vividly. 

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