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  • UK-based financial services corporation Ebury has announced its initial foray into Africa’s fintech sector through the acquisition of Prime Financial Markets, a South Africa-based company.
  • Prime Financial Markets offers extensive expertise in financial market advice and intermediary services.
  • According to Boston Consulting Group and QED investors, Africa’s fintech market is projected to reach $65 billion by 2030.

In the past decade, Africa’s fintech industry has garnered significant attention from global corporations. Its rapid growth and extensive benefits have facilitated the thriving of multiple fintech startups in its adaptable ecosystem. Today, the region boasts several success stories, including Flutterwave and Yellow Card, which stand as proud achievements in Africa’s fintech industry.

The economic instability and low financial inclusion rate have motivated numerous investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs to explore opportunities within this burgeoning industry.

In recent developments, the UK-based financial services corporation Ebury has announced its initial foray into Africa’s fintech sector …


As the world steadily transitions into the fourth industrial revolution, Africa has significantly highlighted its potential to dominate emerging markets. Amid these revolutions, Africa’s fintech, Mobile, Web3, and E-commerce industry has rapidly increased, welcoming more investors daily. Africa’s fintech industry is by far its most promising market, with investors producing promising startups like Yellow Card, Luno, and Flutterwave…

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  • Rwanda and Kenya lead E. Africa in the list of most entrepreneurial countries in Africa.
  • All other five East African countries do not make Africa’s top 10 list.
  • Fintech remains the leader in entrepreneurship  growth in Africa.

Entrepreneurship is growing at a tremendous rate across Africa and is to date the most powerful catalyst for economic growth and creation of employment for youth.

According to the UN Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the UN Development Program Ahunna Eziakonwa, digital innovation is the leading enterprise in Africa.

Entrepreneurship, a solution to poverty

The diplomat also recognizes the diversity that Africa’s vastness offers numeurous opportunities but on the other hand creates new challenges to ‘creating universal solutions for issues such as poverty and food security, because each country has its own capacity for innovation.’

“I think one of the flaws in development practice in the past has been taking Africa almost as …


Africa’s fintech industry is, by far, one of the fastest-growing industries in this new industrial revolution. In two decades, that franchise has grown into a trillion-dollar opportunity, attracting multiple investors from all over. Ghana will host The Africa Money and DeFi Summit on October 3rd and 4th. According to the organizations, this event will set a new pace for the industry as it prepares to welcome the web3 ecosystem into Africa’s market.…

  • The Africa Fintech Accelerator program will remain open until August 25th, and the first cohort will debut in September. 
  • Plug and Play, the world’s leading innovative platform will partner with Visa to ensure the program’s success.
  • Visa committed to invest $1 billion in Africa by 2027.

Africa’s fintech Industry is the continent’s most rapidly growing economic activity. Its growth to fame has attracted plenty of investors and international organizations, each trying to promote the adoption of digital money globally. In recent news, Visa is accepting applications to its Africa Fintech Accelerator Program, urging blockchain-based and fintech startups to sign up.

Africa’s fintech accelerator program

To further the continent’s digital transformation, Visa took an active role in supporting Africa’s fintech industry. This global payment technology company has officially opened applications for the Africa Fintech Accelerator Program. The main aim of this endeavour is to revive the adoption rate of digital money …

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  • The use of digital solutions is revolutionizing all kinds of financial transactions from making simple payments to borrowing and lending.
  • With mobile phone and internet penetration rising at a phenomenal phase, even the remotest parts of Africa can now access financial services through their mobile phones.
  • The World Bank: It is time for policymakers to embrace fintech opportunities and implement policies that enable and encourage safe financial innovation and adoption.

Financial technology or the application of digital tools to streamline financial services more commonly known in the short form Fintech, is reshaping the future of financial services and creating a boom for investors in the fast-growing segment.

The use of digital solutions is revolutionizing all kinds of financial transactions from making simple payments to borrowing and lending. Be it your next investment portfolio or your insurance, you name it, almost any financial service you can think of can now be …

  • African tech startup funding received $3 billion in 2022, highlighting the growing significance of the industry among potential financiers.
  • Africa’s share of global blockchain funding, however, remains modest, increasing from 0.3 percent to 1.8 percent between 2021 and 2022.
  • Seychelles’ gained $208 million for six deals while and South Africa earned $176.6 million from the same number of blockchain deals.

Blockchain startups in Seychelles and South Africa received nearly all the fresh funding raised in the segment in 2022. A new report shows blockchain startups from the two countries shared 81 percent of the $474 million fresh funding realized last year.

According to the African Blockchain Report 2022 by venture capital firm VC VC, startups in this segment are well within the fourth Industrial Revolution and are projected to play a huge role in Africa’s tech industry.

In 2022, Africa’s tech industry grew significantly as more investors poured millions of