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Wärtsilä Energy
  • Chronic instability plagues the existing power grids, worsened by the pressing need to connect growing populations.
  • The advent of renewable energy sources introduces new complexities, considering the intermittent nature of solar and wind power generation.
  • Wärtsilä Energy says deploying battery storage and flexible engine power plants offers a pathway toward reliable grid resilience.

Across economies in Africa, a profound transition is underway. Increasingly, economies are grappling with the dual challenge of meeting burgeoning energy demand while steadily transitioning towards sustainability, a scenario amplifies the importance of economies having reliable power production.

Wärtsilä Energy, a giant power plant manufacturer and energy systems integrator in Africa, is coming forward to offer insights on how economies can easily navigate this transition. Drawing insights from the 2024 North and West Africa Energy Transition Forum in Rabat, it is evident that addressing the complexities of grid reliability and renewable energy integration requires a multipronged approach.…

energy costs
  • In Africa, just like elsewhere, energy-intensive businesses are under great pressure to decrease CO2 emissions.
  • Wärtsilä Energy knows more about this than most: many of our mining and industrial partners in Africa operate their microgrids, either from choice or necessity.
  • While wind and solar power can offer emission-free energy at lower costs than fossil fuels, their intermittent nature adds uncertainty to the system.

In African countries, particularly those with a well-developed industrial sector, a significant portion of energy production may come from the industry’s own power plants.

This is especially true in countries with low grid reliability, and industries rely on self-generated power to ensure a stable energy supply.

In this article, we offer insights into Wärtsilä Energy’s approach to supporting energy-intensive industries to optimise the use of renewable energy and reach their decarbonisation objectives.

In Africa, just like elsewhere, energy-intensive businesses are under great pressure to decrease CO2 emissions …