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  • Only 38 percent of Tanzania is connected to electricity. 
  • Kenya ranks third in Africa in wind energy generation.
  • Global net zero goals still off track with growing fossil fuel investments.

Tanzania does not produce enough electricity to meet its growing domestic demand. And this is despite having diverse renewable energy resources including hydro, geothermal, solar, and wind.

The country’s power sector is monopolized by state-owned Tanzania Electricity Supply Company Limited (TANESCO). The utility owns and controls almost all of the country’s energy transmission network and over half of its generating capacity.

Currently, Tanzania’s total power installed capacity is 1,602MW split into Hydroelectric (568MW), thermal (951.6MW) and 82.4MW from other renewables.

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Solar and biofuels

According to TANESCO, Tanzania’s electricity generation comes mostly from natural gas at 48 percent. Hydro sources account for 31 percent of the energy mix.  Petrol contributes 18 …

Training workers to install solar panels at health clinics in rw

Today Africa is on the frontier of ushering in a new age of technology in its various economic sectors. As such, the continent needs to provide not only sufficient and sustainable energy but also one that has scalability, ensuring that each sector benefits from it. Thus, experts and innovators have turned to solar energy to power other vital economies while contributing to Africa’s overall market potential.

Indeed the concept of Solar power energy has worked in Africa’s favour over the past few decades. Unfortunately, renewable energy is still relatively new in Africa; thus, only a few benefit from its revolutionary concept. Here is a brief look at how solar energy powers and funds Africa’s ecosystem.

Understanding Africa’s Solar power potential

To understand any concept, we must first understand the context behind it.

The concept of solar energy is no new term in this digital era. The concept of Solar energy …