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  • Power tools maker STIHL East Africa has lined up $1 million every year for investment in local equipment manufacturing.
  • The company has partnered with Proteq Automation Ltd and Tippers and Trailer Ltd, who have been tasked to make accessories for all STIHL East Africa products in the region.
  • Company Managing Director Francois Marais says the move will see the firm lower accessory costs, create jobs and inject $1 million every year into the Kenyan market.

Power tools maker STIHL East Africa is set to invest $1 million every year in initiatives that enhance the manufacturing of various equipment part as the company seeks to ensure a wider range of its machines are made locally, opening the doors for new jobs.

The company has already partnered with Kenyan firms including Proteq Automation Ltd as well as Tippers and Trailer Limited, which have been tasked to start making accessories for the entire …

Youth unemployment in Africa

Over the past decade, addressing the three pressing needs of the youth—education, engagement, and livelihoods—has become a central tenet of global and continental policy discussions. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) consider youth as essential partners for achieving inclusive and peaceful societies.

Africans of all ages seem to understand that if the youth are suffering and unable to establish productive livelihoods, it becomes a societal problem. As such, many agree that there is a need for intervention from the government and other stakeholders in addressing the challenge of youth unemployment in Africa.…

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