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Policymakers must advocate for pooling resources to support the most affected, particularly in Africa. They can financially support and share land restoration and climate adaptation technologies. Collaborations to expand inclusion that can attain a new paradigm in climate change mitigation.

The leaders of the major polluting nations and donor countries, as well as the leaders of African nations—must commit to implementing policies, allocating resources, and taking the necessary actions to address the deteriorating climate situations globally.

Africa’s vast lands have for a long time not been exploited for agricultural production. In fact, 61% of the world’s unused arable land is found in Africa. Little effort is being made to exploit this vast resource to feed the continent. On the flip side, the Food and Agriculture Organization says 239 million people in the region were undernourished as of 2018. 

Since long before the COVID-19 pandemic, these chronic food crises have been driven by a variety of factors, including economic shocks, climate, and conflict, according to Brookings Institute.