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Loading Emirates cargo. Emirates transported 2,000 tonnes of cut flowers from Kenya which remains an important freighter station for the airline.
  • Despite the decrease in cargo demand, African airlines are expanding their capacity in comparison to 2022.
  • European carriers and the Middle Eastern carriers experienced year-on-year decreases in cargo volumes in May 2023.
  • On a global scale, there has been a decline of 5.2 percent in the demand for air cargo.

Cargo demand for African airlines has experienced a decline of 2.4 percent compared to May of the previous year due to weak demand stemming from rising inflation and the ongoing armed conflict in Sudan.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) report for May 2023 on global air cargo markets indicates that despite the decrease in demand, African airlines have expanded their capacity in comparison to the previous year.

Furthermore, the report draws attention to a significant slowdown in the growth of the Africa to Asia trade route. The growth rate declined from 18.5 percent in April to 11 percent in …