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Aviation Africa 2022

The Entebbe airport stands to transform Uganda’s movement over time as it advances to become an oil economy alongside Tanzania.

South Africa, one of the wealthiest countries, has the largest road network, 750,000kms, while Tanzania, East Africa’s competitive economy, has more than 86,000km of roads.

In the current economic scenario, where uncertainty brought by economic shocks from the pandemic and political tensions force nations to expand their horizon of influence, the past years have shown why African infrastructures must be robust and conducive to enhancing value creation.

Whoever moves fast and swiftly dominates the economic conversation. South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria are among the top African nations with more robust economies.…

Kenya Airways PLC (KQ) implementing contactless transactions

Partner states of the East African region have been urged to fast-track the finalization and implementation of EAC regulations on liberalization of air transport services.

This is amid a finding which reveals that the high cost of air transport in the region is attributed by slow pace of liberalization.

According to the East African Business Council (EABC), liberalization of air transport services will lower flight costs and in turn reduce the cost of doing business in the region.

A finding by the latest policy paper by EABC dubbed, ‘Costs and Benefits of ‘Open Skies’ in the East African Community’, says that air-transport liberalization is set to lower flight costs by 9 percent and see a 41 percent increase in flight frequencies.

According to the paper, despite the commitments of the EAC Partner States at the international level, the domestic air transport sector remains protected, reducing accessibility and increasing air transport …

AviaDev - The Exchange

It has been by AviaDev event, in conjunction with partners, MIDAS Aviation and Futureneers Advisors, that the estimated potential revenue from new African aviation routes could yield $29 billion in direct revenue.

This revenue, which is more than the individual GDP’s of 70% of the countries in Africa, could be realized if the largest airports in each African country are connected with one another. Currently, only 33.7% of this huge market is served, meaning that there is over $19 billion in untapped annual revenue.

Now in its fourth year, AviaDev, brings together airports, airlines, tourism bodies, and suppliers and customizes one-to-one meetings so that new partnerships and routes can be created. AviaDev’s managing director, Jon Howell, unveiled the event’s mission: to connect the largest airports in each African country with one another. He stated: “AviaDev aims to challenge the status quo through encouraging disruptive thinking. We believe our new mission …