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Family Bank and Aqua sign an Sh350 million agreement to increase lending to water companies.

Because of this relationship, Family Bank’s MajiPlus lending facility, which offers adaptable financial solutions for microbusinesses, individuals, water service providers, and small and medium-sized businesses, will receive support.

In addition to this, Family Bank will give its customers training materials on how to provide finance for climate-resilient projects in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector.

Pim van der Male, First Secretary for Food Security and Water at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, applauded the alliance. At the same time, he was present at the signing ceremony.

“For many years, the Dutch government has funded Aqua for All because it believes in Aqua for All’s holistic strategy to bridging service and financial gaps to speed access to safe water and good sanitation for all.”

I am pleased to note that the collaboration between Family Bank and Aqua for All is an example of this.…

Rethinking Business In Response To COVID-19

In anticipation of an extreme business environment brought about by the Coronavirus, various players in the African region are rolling out rescue plans for businesses. Economists have voiced their concerns of an extremely difficult economic situation and have urged players to brace for a rough 2020.

Heeding such calls is EquaLife Capital, the East African based fund managers which has announced plans to roll out a $20MM Africa Venture Debt Relief Fund by April 15th for venture businesses starting with a preliminary focus on the East African region.

“The Relief Fund is created and structured by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs as we understand the need to act quickly to ensure businesses can survive, and then thrive again, minimizing impact and economic development opportunity lost to unforeseen business cycle pressures,” a statement calling for international venture capitalist read.

“The Relief Fund will provide short-term debt on concessional venture debt terms by utilizing …