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The ARB Apex Bank has joined the Ghana-Sweden Chamber of Commerce (GSCC).

The Ghana-Sweden Chamber of Commerce president Pearl Delali Dorledzi on Thursday, March 18 led a delegation to present the certificate of membership at a ceremony in Accra.

Dorledzi revealed that the ARB Apex Bank had been admitted to the platinum membership, which confers the highest partnership privileges on the Bank and the Rural and Community Banks (RCBs) in Ghana.

ARB Apex Bank is a mini central bank for the Rural and Community Banks.

The bank was registered as a public limited liability company in January 2000 and received a banking license in June 2001.

It was admitted to the Bankers Clearing House in August 2001 as the 19th member and started its banking business on 2 July 2002.

According to Madam Dorledzi, the Chamber is excited to partner with ARB Apex Bank and RCBs in Ghana to bring …