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DRC's Cobalt mines
  • AfDB has seen over 3,235 children, originally entrenched in the exploitative DRC’s cobalt mines, receive training in agriculture practices.
  • A total of 9,016 children, including 46.2% girls have been saved from the confines of DRC’s cobalt mines, liberated from the shackles of exploitation.
  • AfDB is liberating DRC’s children from the exploitative cobalt mining cycle and providing them with viable alternatives for sustainable livelihoods.

In 2019, the Democratic Republic of Congo witnessed the start of a pivotal initiative to transform the lives of children and young individuals in the DRC’s cobalt supply chain.

The Support Project for the Alternative Welfare of Children and Young People Involved in the Cobalt Supply Chain, funded by the African Development Fund (AfDB) and the Transition Support Facility, was envisioned as a beacon of hope for thousands of children trapped in the perils of artisanal cobalt mining.

As the project nears its culmination in December …