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Saudi Arabia Africa Cooperation.
  • The Saudi Arabia-Africa Summit has reaffirmed bilateral relations between the two regions.
  • Saudi Arabia announced a 600 billion euro wealth fund to support Africa’s development.
  • Through the Green Middle East Initiative, Saudi Arabia is assisting several African countries in planting over 50 billion trees to reduce more than 10% of global carbon emissions.

Saudi Arabia has pledged to increase its investment in Africa through its 600 billion euro wealth fund and its Public Investment Fund. The Kingdom’s Investment Minister, Khalid Al-Falih, made the pledge at the opening of the Saudi Arabia African Economic Conference in Riyadh on November 10.

Khalid Al-Falih stated that Saudi Arabia has resolved to make some “game-changing” investments in Africa. To kick off the investment pledge, Saudi Arabia signed preliminary energy agreements with Nigeria, Senegal, Chad, and Ethiopia.

In the same vein, Saudi Arabia has also pledged to help reduce Africa’s debt burden, with Ghana set …

  • Investment and trade between the two countries was valued at more than $600 million last year.
  • Kenya’s exports last year increased to $7.9 million from $6.3 million in 2021, the country’s Economic Survey 2023 indicates.
  • Imports from Indonesia were valued at $187.7 million having dropped from $307.5 million the previous year.

Kenya is now keen to increase trade volumes mainly exports to the Asean market, with its renewed ties with Indonesia. President William Ruto said investment scope will also be broadened to bring about a balance of trade that is currently in favour of the Southeast Asian country.

“We will seize our energies and create the necessary environment for increased trade between our countries,” President Ruto said on Monday.

Investment and trade between the two countries was valued at more than $600 million last year. Indonesian economy registered a growth of  5.3 per cent in 2022 compared to of …

  • The 12th edition of The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), highlighted investment hotspots in various parts of the world.
  • The sessions focused on Namibia, ASEAN and the Russia region as well as new investment destinations such as Moscow and Armenia.
  • Experts highlighted how the increasing cooperation is leading to a favourable investment climate and opening up new opportunities for businesses.

The 12th edition of the the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) has highlighted Namibia among other top investment hotspots internationally. AIM, which was hosted in Abu Dhabi, UAE, featured a series of regional and destination forums demonstrating available opportunities in various parts of the world.

In Africa, a special focus was given to Namibia. The session highlighted the southern African country’s potential as an investment hotspot, citing its $13 billion GDP reported in 2022. In addition, the country is rich in oil and gas reserves. Further, Namibia is deploying large-scale projects in