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BAT Kenya Posts Sh2.9bn Half Year Profit

However, cumulative taxes increased by 2% to a total of sh9.4 billion, which reflects higher exercise duty charges and increased profitability.

The increased tax liability that BAT faces is a result of recent hikes in exercise duty rates, one of which will be a five per cent rise in November 2021.

After a 10% increase in the rate of excise duty took effect in July of 2022, it is anticipated that the impact of the higher duty will continue to have a significant influence on the second half of the year.
The Board of Directors of BAT has approved a proposal to pay an interim dividend of Ksh.5 per share, which would amount to a total pay-out of Ksh.500 million and would be distributed on or around 16 September.

According to a statement released by the BAT Kenya Company Secretary, Kathryne Maundu, “the interim dividend, which will be paid on …