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The Far Property company to list more linked units on BSE.

There was a strong performance in the bank’s recoveries portfolio, contributing to the overall positive performance of expected credit losses. This led to the loan loss ratio improving to 0.16 per cent from 0.59 per cent for period ended June 30, 2022. Operating costs remain relatively under control at P473 million, growing slightly by only 3 per cent, despite the rising inflation seen in the economy.

The bank in their report also highlighted that this was achieved by leveraging off the digital enablement put in place which brought some efficiencies, as well as various other cost management initiatives effected. Cost to income ratio fell by 4 per cent and ended at 54 per cent for the period under review, resulting in positive income statement jaws of 7 per cent.

Meanwhile, Barclays sold shares in the Group. This was published on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on September 1, 2022.

Barclays agreed …