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  • The advent of BRICS Pay could further strengthen these ties, offering African nations an alternative to the dollar-dominated trade and financial systems.
  • BRICS Pay is a bold step towards a more multipolar world economic order.
  • Its impact on US-Africa trade will depend on various factors, including its adoption by businesses and financial institutions across the coalition of nations.

The launch of BRICS Pay, a digital payment platform developed by the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), marks a pivotal moment in international trade dynamics. This innovative system promises to streamline transactions among these emerging economies, potentially challenging the long-standing dominance of the US Dollar in global trade.

BRICS Pay is a testament to the growing influence of these five major emerging economies. By facilitating payments in local currencies, the system is poised to reduce reliance on the US Dollar, fostering a more diversified and resilient global …