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Dangote Refinery
  • This initial batch is designed to sustain the facility’s ambitious goal of processing 350,000 barrels per day during its initial operational phase.
  • The 650,000 barrels per day Dangote Petroleum Refinery can process most African crude grades as well as Middle Eastern Arab Light and even US Light tight oil as well as crude from other countries.
  • A major step towards boosting Nigeria’s domestic refining capacity and attaining energy security (self-sufficiency).

Dangote Refinery, a 650,000 barrels per day plant has started operations by striking strategic alliances and resource acquisitions as it seeks to redefine Nigeria’s oil industry standards.

One such landmark development is the recent procurement by the Dangote Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemicals plant of 1 million barrels of Agbami crude grade from Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited (STASCO).

This significant move marks a crucial step in the refinery’s journey, as it not only serves to facilitate …