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SA 2After suffering turbulence for the last few years, South African Airways (SAA), which was on the brink of being grounded, has got new wings from none other than the hands of the private sector.

SAA, South Africa’s flagship carrier links well over 40 local and international destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. The carrier was also the first African carrier to sign with Star Alliance back in April 2006.

However, after a few years of struggling to stay afloat, the airline faced a lot of criticism and the final blow was the Covid-19 outbreak that literally anchored the aviation industry. Ailing airlines like the SAA could not recover from the devastating impact of border closures and restricted travel, and finally, the government has, under duress, had to give up control of the flagship carrier.

In a recent announcement, South Africa’s Department of Public Enterprises has …