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China's economic slowdown
  • China’s economic slowdown will affect Africa since the Asian country is the largest single-country trading partner.
  • As China experiences a notable economic slowdown, the IMF asserts that sub-Saharan African countries must proactively respond to the shifting geo-economic landscape.
  • The IMF says a promising avenue lies in tapping into the robust demand for minerals crucial for renewable energy development.

China—Africa’s largest single-country trading partner—is experiencing an economic slowdown. And this matters a lot for policymakers in Africa. As China grapples with a second consecutive month of contracting manufacturing activity posted in November, the implications stretch far beyond the borders of the Asian country.

China’s purchasing managers’ index (PMI) stumbled to 49.4 in November, a slight dip from October’s 49.5, falling short of economists’ expectations of 49.7. This statistical swing around the pivotal 50-point mark, which separates contraction from expansion, paints a nuanced picture of an economy needing stimulus to revive growth …