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Zimbabwe lithium industry
  • Zimbabwe earned US$209 million from lithium exports in the first nine months of 2023.
  • The country’s lithium potential has captured significant attention, particularly from Chinese investors who have injected over US$1 billion in the mineral’s value chain.
  • Lithium is a critical component in the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Global electric vehicle (EV) car sales increased by 60 per cent in 2022, reports the International Energy Agency.

Zimbabwe is emerging as a pivotal player in satisfying the surging demand for lithium, a vital element used in the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Zimbabwe has the largest lithium reserves and mines in Africa, while globally the country ranks high amongst the leading lithium producing and supply countries after Chile, Australia, China, Argentina and Brazil.

According to an article by Reuters published on November 1, 2023, Lithium is set to become Zimbabwe’s third biggest mineral export after gold and …