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Beans are one of the most important crops in Rwanda with approximately 62 percent of One Acre Fund farmers growing climbing beans in 2014, and 49 percent grew bush beans, with a total average of 0.1 hectares under beans for those who cultivated.

In Rwanda, smallholder farmers are testing ways to transition from subsistence-oriented approaches to more market-based production. A pilot has demonstrated potential to significantly increase their production, as well as profits.

Presently beans, With a per capita consumption of more than 150g per person per day, beans are the most consumed and important source of protein and essential micro-nutrients in Rwanda.

With Rwanda’s Eastern Province prone to climate risks for bean production due to long dry spells, increasing temperatures, and erratic rainfall that lead to frequent crop failure and food shortages, the

Alliance of Biodiversity International and CIAT, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada, has been at …