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Kenya at COP28 | President William Ruto
  • President William Ruto will lead Kenya at COP28 to showcase the country’s ambitious climate change strategy and advocate for sustainable development and climate resilience in Africa.
  • Kenya is pioneering clean energy solutions, notably through biodigesters, which convert organic waste into biogas and organic fertilizer, aligning with the nation’s agricultural profile and enhancing energy independence.
  • At COP28, Kenya aims to inspire global action and demonstrate that sustainable development is achievable in emerging economies, contributing significantly to the global climate change dialogue.

As the world convenes in Dubai for COP28, a significant spotlight falls on Kenya. Under President Ruto’s leadership, Kenya goes to this global summit not merely as a participant but as a catalyst for Africa in bridging climate dialogue and action.

At the heart of these discussions lies the country’s ambitious strategy to combat climate change, an approach intrinsically linked to the broader global efforts to mitigate environmental risks and …