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Africa Keen to Cradle it's Endangered Species for Ecosystem Restoration.
  • The tourism industry accounted for about seven per cent of Africa's GDP in 2019 and contributed $169 billion to its economy, employing more than 24 million people
  • Over 8,400 species of wild flora and fauna are critically endangered, while close to 30,000 more are deemed vulnerable. Over a million species are threatened with extinction. 
  • Illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth more than $23billion annually, fueled by institutional decay in law enforcement that consequently pushes many endangered species closer to the brink of extinction.

Africa hailed as the cradle of mankind and wildlife is endowed with spectacular flora and fauna and home to the world's seventh wonder, making it undisputedly a top-rated tourist destination. The continent is a hub of wildlife economies that have significantly morphed over the past two decades; pertinently propelled by the 'Big Five' wildlife economy activities that include: ecotourism, wildlife ranching, hunting and fishing, carbon…