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How D.R. Congo will change its road network using nanotechnology

Australian Nanotech, a subsidiary of Canadian road technology company NTI Nanotech Corp., has announced that it has signed a $1.6 billion contract to construct 3,200 kilometres of roads in D.R. Congo using their proprietary green nanotechnology.

The emerging technology has been deployed around the world in several countries for the past ten years and has proven to be cost-effective, environmentally beneficial and better quality than typical alternatives.

The Province Mai-Ndombe will be one of the first regions of Sub-Saharan Africa to use this disruptive technology. 

“We are very excited to proceed with AusNanotech. Not only have they brought to us a product that is environmentally superior, they exceed required standards and for a better price,” said Mr. Paul Mputu Boleilanga, the Province’s Governor, adding Additionally the company has shown a tenacity to our country and a dedication to conducting business that benefits the citizens of my Province and the …