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AI-Generated Deepfake
  • AI-generated deepfake enabled scammers set to conduct video calls with European leaders under false pretenses. 
  • Deepfakes, which are highly realistic fabricated videos or images, can deceive voters, manipulate public opinion, and tarnish the reputation.
  • Google’s reverse-image search is another helpful tool that enables you to check if an online image has been used elsewhere.

Shortly before Slovakia’s parliamentary election in September last year, a viral audio recording circulated on Slovakian social media. In the recording, the leader of the Progressive Slovakia Party was heard discussing plans to manipulate the election and increase taxes on beer. (Slovakia is ranked sixteenth globally in beer consumption per capita.) However, it was later revealed that the audio was a fabricated AI-generated deepfake.

This exposed the threats that a majority of the countries are going to grapple with this year as many states hold their elections across Africa. This year, Senegal, South Africa, Chad, Ghana, …