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One of Yamaha’s drones which Astral Aviation will sell following a deal signed at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development. Remotely piloted helicopters will be used for cargo delivery and crop spraying in Kenya.

In March last year, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) published regulations for the commercial use of drones.

KCAA Director General Gilbert Kibe said that any operator of the unmanned aerial vehicles were expected to register them before use.

Drone importation and licensing in Kenya

In a move seen as a limitation to the country’s nascent film industry, Kibe said that even those who owned drones before the laws were passed were supposed to register them within six months.

“A person commits an offense if they own, operate, import, manufacture, assemble or test an RPAS without authorisation from KCAA,” he said.

The contention came due to the fees imposed by KCAA.

While drones are permitted for recreational use in Kenya, anyone wishing to operate one has to part with anything between Kshs 60,000 (USD 600) and Kshs 232,000 (USD 2,300) depending on the purpose of use.

Kibe said, “Any Person …