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Vuta N'Kuvute African movies, African movies on Netflix, ZIFF 2022

African movies are transforming the entertainment landscape.

The award-winning African film, Vuta N’Kuvute (Tug of War), a 2021 Tanzanian creative, mesmerizing and nostalgic film, is unifying and bringing back the lost touch with history to big screens across African cinemas. African movies, just like this one, directed and co-written by a true African auteur, Amil Shivji, remind us how important filmmaking is towards integration and development.

Africa has more than 1.37 billion people across 54 countries, exhibiting various economic projections, political approaches and cultural diversity that makes the entire region iconic.

History has taught us a vital lesson that any country that has a strong creative economy exhibits strong national economic trends. Africa as a region is full of creativity, and the filmmaking landscape is one of the richest and most diverse areas, with the potential to transform stereotypes and economies and cement identity in communities.

By 2021, Africa had