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Dubai Real Estate Vision 2040
  • The ambitious Dubai Real Estate Vision 2040 is set to propel the UAE real estate sector towards a revolutionary expansion period.
  • The International Property Show stands at the vanguard of this dynamic market, offering a platform for local and international exhibitors to unveil their latest projects and forge connections.
  • Through improvements to transportation and social infrastructure, the Master Plan is anticipated to open up numerous economic opportunities, especially in the real estate sector.

Dubai Real Estate Vision 2040 Going Global

Dubai’s International Property Show (IPS) marks its 20th edition, indicating the city’s unyielding allure in the global real estate arena. This prestigious event, inaugurated by His Excellency Engineer Marwan bin Ghalifa, is a showcase and a confluence of innovation, opportunity, and vision, reflecting Dubai’s ambition and strategic trajectory towards the Dubai Urban Plan 2040.

Dubai’s real estate sector is experiencing a vibrant upswing, characterized by robust growth across all domains—residential, …