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South Africa Power Crisis
  • Energy experts project that South Africa requires injection of no less than 6,000MW to keep industry lights on.
  • The country’s severe power crisis is expected to persist until 2025. Experts say a five-year timeline is needed to overcome power outages.
  • This year’s GDP will further decline to 1.2% from 2.3% in 2022, and there is a 45% chance of recession largely due to electricity crisis.

An ominous cloud hangs over South Africa economy, which dodged recession in the three months to March, as experts say the roiling electricity crisis will persist until 2025. As if that is not enough bad news to the industry, it will take about five years to eliminate power outages in the country.

Currently, South Africa is paying a huge price following utility, Eskom’s overreliance on ailing coal power plants to supply electricity. These coal power plants account for over three quarters of South Africa’s electricity …